Midnight Sun Film Festival

→ 16/09/2024

Founded in 1986 by Finland’s celebrated authors of cinema, the brothers Aki and Mika Kaurismäki, the Midnight Sun Film Festival is the longest running feature film festival in Finland and the biggest cultural event in the northern region of the country. It has been traditionally held every June in the Arctic Circle in the town of Sodankylä, over 900 km away from Finland’s capital city Helsinki. Celebrated filmmakers, discoveries of contemporary cinema and exploration of its past, a high cultural diversity with over 100 films: a paradise for any film lover in an unexpected intimate landscape. With its strong international appeal and regional importance MSFF plays a vital part in shaping the cultural landscape of northern Finland. For going beyond festival dates, MSFF widens its reach with significant all year round activities such as the ongoing cooperation with Finnish Broadcasting Company, Finnish Film Archive and University of Arts in Helsinki which makes the festival program part of their educational curriculum among other activities.