→ 17/11/2024

CINEMANIA is a unique event of which each new edition is held in November in the heart of Montreal. Each edition includes 50 feature fiction films, several documentaries, 30 short films, master classes, conferences and special events. Our selection is also attentive to the new media (virtual reality). Since 1995, the festival, a non-profit organization, actively contributes to the dynamism and cultural vitality of Montreal and Quebec. CINEMANIA is a window on today’s francophone creativity: modern, dynamic and vibrant. Our films come from Quebec, France, Luxembourg, Senegal, Belgium, Algeria, Morocco, the Ivory Coast, Switzerland, Central Africa… The reaffirmation of our organization’s francophone mandate is central particularly in 2020 as the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) celebrates its 50 years. The programming is centred on the most important international film festivals. The idea is to create annually in Montreal an exclusive window on the Cannes, Venice, Toronto, Namur and Angoulême film festivals. Each edition of CINEMANIA includes a number of prestigious guests, amongst whom is an invited guest of honour on the occasion for a new Canadian retrospective on the artist’s work.