Noordelijk Film Festival

→ 17/11/2024

The Noordelijk Film Festival (NFF), based in Leeuwarden, generally takes place around the second weekend of November each year. It reaches a wide audience and attracts around 20 to 25 thousand visitors in five days, which makes the festival one of the largest regional film festivals in the Netherlands. In 2019 it celebrated its 40th anniversary. There is a lively festival centre in city theatre De Harmonie. Additionally, Slieker (our film theatre situated in the Fries Museum) is another important festival location along smaller ones in the city and province of Friesland.
Noordelijk Film Festival distinguishes itself from other film festivals in the Netherlands by its unique international, regional and local Northern Focus. It is an extensive film expedition across a wide Northern Europe: from Iceland, through Ireland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands to the Nordic countries and the Baltic States. A strong selection of the latest international feature films and documentaries from this great northern region share the screen with promising films from our own region. Our Noorderkroon and Filmkick Competition offer an important stepping stone for professional talents, students and even amateur filmmakers. We show Faces of the North in may respects.
Visitors and guests from home and abroad praise the festival for its programming, hospitality, and great atmosphere.